Thank You, Kate Spade, for making the perfect shoes for this Arizona girl!

I have lived in Utah for over 15 years now and for sure call this often snowy winter wonderland my home. However, as an Arizona native, my heart really starts to yearn for warmth and sunshine this time of year. I also still get giddy over cacti. They truly remind me of home. I was scrolling through Pinterest as I so often do.. and these babies popped up.       I seriously thought about these shoes for 3 days. I figure if something is on your mind for that long... just go ahead, splurge and order them. Right?? (Just say yes, because I did) I did think about all the outfits that I own that will absolutely not match these shoes and how unpractical owning them would be. And then I thought about the one outfit I own that does match, a basic solid black dress and decided that was all I needed! Haha. I can't wait for the mailman to bring them to my door. Arizona... you always win in February!