February 1st 2018 – A Big Year for Big Magic

How are we already one month into the new year? Time is seriously flying by. I am a chronic list and note maker and was sitting here in my bed, late at night, making more lists of things to do. I started looking back at the past lists and "to do's" I hadn't completed yet. Guess which "to do's" are on there the most frequently and never done. If you guessed working out, you are correct. And the number 2 undone task on my list; restart my blog. Why these two things are so important to me that I continually mentally commit to doing them but yet still neglected them; I may never understand. But here I am, trying yet again, another attempt to document my life on this here blog. I have been reading a book; Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  by Elizabeth Gilbert. And while I did not agree with every point that she makes; I did find a few inspiring gems to help me seek after fulfilling my creative side. There [...]