Time for a little shameless self promotion….

Over the past few years I have given a majority of my free time to a small company I own. It has been exhilarating and exhausting but 100% worth every minute of free time I have devoted to it. I own a all natural chewing gum company, called Xyloburst.  Xyloburst is sweetened with a natural sweetener called xylitol, which has lots of great benefits, especially for your oral health. I have lots of the common questions listed here… so you can find out more about it!

The past few months have been spent updating my product packaging and I am so excited because it is finally done and updated. We are going from this….

To our new cleaner and happier logo….

What do you think?

In celebration I thought I would offer my first ever blog give away! Wahoo! Here is your chance to win $50 of your choice of Xyloburst Products from our website. Not only that, I’ll ship them to you for free as well. Best of luck to you! Contest closes on August 13th 2012.


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