We are well under our way with September, this month has been off to an awesome start. Crazy busy and crazy fun. I thought I would post my September Goals even thought it’s not exactly the first of the month anymore. I like accountability.

1) Sell every pair of jeans I own that no longer fit me and have just been sitting around. eBay, here I come!!
2) Join Orange Theory Fitness – I love bootcamp style workouts
3) Golf in the Fall leaves – I have been wanting to golf at Hobble Creek in the leaves for years. This year is my year!
4) Finally get my wood floors – This has been in the works for 10 years. Making any change in my house seems to take more time and work than I would have ever though. I finally found the perfect color wood and Im all set to go.
5) Create a Pumpkin boards on Pinterest and actually cook 4 of the recipes I pin. Im a Pinterest addict.
6) 200 photos with my SLR camera – Use them or not, I need the practice. Good thing it is so beautiful outside right now. Its the perfect time to get some great shots.

That sounds like enough to keep me busy. Now, to get to work.