Despite that fact that my Christmas tree is still up, I have caught the spring cleaning bug this year. This past weekend I pulled everything out of my closet and started the daunting task of reorganizing and cleaning out all of the junk that at some point I told myself I HAD TO HAVE! Amongst the junk and piles of lost dirty laundry, I keep my old scrapbooks as well. I stopped to take a trip down memory lane and came across some old worksheets and assignments that I completed in elementary school and Jr High. (Along with all my brace faced photos.) It was one of those afternoons full of self reflection moments. Looking back on all the photos and memories is a harsh realization that Im not so young anymore and more importantly the “about me” worksheets I once wrote made me cringe. There were so many dreams of what I wanted to grow up to be and things I wanted in the future for myself. I kept wondering if the Jr High version of me would be upset with the me I turned out to be. I mean, its not like my life is bad. Its just not what I had written down years and years ago of what I expected of myself. Things like becoming a dentist, book writer, teacher, or chiropractor are not likely going to happen at this point, but I do love my current career path and I’d like to think if I knew what or even how to spell entrepreneur, I would have picked that back then anyway. And then other things out of my control like having 8 kids, a St. Bernard, purple jeep and big house just may never happen. As I kept thinking about all the things I have done, I have had a lot of opportunities, seen a lot of things others may never have the chance to see or do and so much to be grateful for in my life. I sincerely hope the younger version of me can see that I did the best I knew how with my circumstances to make a happy life for myself. But with that said, it got me thinking if I should be doing more and what is holding me back?

After about a week of that thought floating in my head, and a few self help books later, I’m at the point where I reallocated a responsible but generous portion of my savings to taking the next year and focusing on the more frivolous things I want out of life. I plan to let myself spend every penny of that budget 100% guilt free. I want to cross off a few more dream vacation destinations I’ve been contemplating for years, concerts I’ve been wanting to see, and the restaurants with fancy desserts I have been holding out on. Oh and spa appointments, yes, spa appointment!!! Im in a unique situation in life where I am only responsible for me. I to often see it as a problem or excuse, I mean, really, who wants to go eat alone? However, I am now determined to become my own best friend and see my what seems like forever single situation in the most positive light humanly possible. The other good part is I think it gives me a perfect excuse to call up friends I haven’t heard from in years and enjoy some good company again as I drag them along with me for this year of awesomeness.

In all honesty, the moment I hit transfer on my bank account switching my funds to a more accessible account I had dedicated to finding fun, I felt liberated! I went right to and booked a plane ticket to Palm Spring for this upcoming weekend. My goal with this is to spend to spend the next year in adventures! Learn how to simply live more fully in the moments I can. Enjoy where I am at, and seize as many good opportunities as possible while guiltlessly spending every penny from my fun budget! Lets get this party started!