Oh, Hello!

I’m Emmeline and this is where you’ll find a few fun insights of my life combined with my love of entrepreneurship.  I have always loved selling anything and everything! From the days of junior high when I would make homemade suckers to sell to my friends at lunch, to being one of the first sellers on eBay, all the way to now; where I actually have my products into national retail stores.  Taking a product from an idea to a reality is one of the most fun things for me to do. I can sit and talk for hours upon hours with anyone about their ideas.

My business and life adventures are unique. I have failed (big time) and I have also had moments of sweet success.  Working takes up a majority of my life so it’s a good thing I find it enjoyable. A few years back I realized my life was never going to be what I had pictured for myself while growing up. (A white pickets fence, 6 kids and a suburban was my dream) I did go through a period where I had to mentally redefine what I thought would make me happy and mentally create a new picture of happiness for myself. Dozens of self help books later, I can now better enjoy everyday, or at least find moments to enjoy in my crazy fun life.  While life can be demanding and complicated, I also do my best to try and simplify what I can. I find ways to make the routine daily grind, long hours at trade shows, weekends of working as well the much needed vacations the best they can be.

While on my journey, I have also been able to find several other amazing entrepreneurs with amazing products I’d love to share with you. I have learned from these friends and in many cases, they are way better at this game than I am. I have learned a lot through hours and hours of trial and error.  Id be the happiest if any of my life lessons or tips I share can save you any trouble or motivate you in any way.