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The Magic of Tidying Up – It really works!

I picked this book up on my way to Japan and absolutely loved several of the concepts Kondo recommends. At first I thought she was crazy! However, now I really am starting to learn that less is more.  While I was reading this book the first time around, I was living with just the things that I needed. I had just packed myself a carry on suitcase for a ten day trip in Japan. I am normally an over packer, but this time decided to only pack exactly what I needed.  I didn’t have a ton of stuff, I only had my favorite things, all of which made me happy. I didn’t have to spend time dealing with junk and could just enjoy being. It was an easy principal to grasp while on vacation far away from home, but once I got home I was determined to incorporate several of the recommendations.

It has taken me a few months, but I must say, I am impressed with myself and how much I have been able to let go of. I, of course thanked all my belongings for fulfilling a purpose before sending them off to a new life. I still have lots to go through, but I don’t remember the last time my closet and dresser drawers were so organized, clean and really just have the things I love.  Im excited to continue organizing and living with just the things that bring me joy.

What I have learned so far from incorporating Kondo’s advice..

  1. Being in a clean area with the things I love most is much more enjoyable than being in an area stuffed with things I no longer use.
  2. I would rather have 1 nicer item then a few cheaper items that I would buy at discount or clearance prices to try and fulfill a need or want.
  3. By only having the things you need, shopping is way more fun. I feel like I can purchase a new seasonal item on a whim because chances are, I need it. I gave away so much stuff that having a new seasonal item is almost a necessity. But, I also have found I use it a lot for a few weeks and then its fulfilled its purpose and ready for a new life with someone else.
  4. I feel like I actually spend less money overall. I don’t buy things just because. I only buy what I really love, need and want.
  5. The more I gave away, the easier it became. Learning to live with less is a continual progression.
  6. I have more time! This is my most favorite part. I didn’t realize how much time having junk around you sucked up. It really does take a lot longer to clean more stuff, find what you are looking for. Junk really does take up your energy in so many ways. I also feel like the messes created by that junk don’t create the same happy atmosphere, I really feel joy when I come home now and have clean spaces.
  7. Giving to others really does make me feel better. I really have given car loads of items to donation centers and it really does make me feel good knowing that others will have what they need.

Moral of the story is read this book. Borrow it from a library, buy a copy online or even find an audio version. You’ll thank me later!




The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

You can’t go to Santa Fe without a trip to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum! Georgia O’Keeffe was an amazing artist and seemed to be an even more amazing woman. I loved how she continued her passion for art despite her trials including blindness.   There is also some great photographs of her on crazy rafting adventures and hikes in the later years of her life. It seemed she really loved excitement. As a bonus, my cousin had been working as an intern here this summer and shared all the extra little details she had learned over the last few month.












Here we are….. in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an adorable charming little town. I am so glad we took the opportunity to visit. Its about 4 streets long of history, shopping and art. They have a little town square where the action is every night. Upon our arrival they were having the coolest car show, and it was rather impressive.  I love these old Land Rovers.

Old Land Rover



Old land Rover


It was perfectly packed to take me out camping. :)

Old Triumph Car

They also had this old Triumph car. My sister and I had to send a picture to my dad since half of the stories he tells of his youth include the green Triumph he had.

Santa Fe New Mexico

Around the square are little shops full of jewelry and art. Most of it is rather impressive.

Santa Fe New mexico

This bracelet won my heart… I wanted it until I asked how much it was and the man behind the counter said $5,000! What??? As with most of the shops in Santa Fe, they will negotiate with you, but with a starting point this high I didn’t think it would be worth the time. It sure is beautiful though.

Santa Fe New Mexico Loretto Chapel

I had read online that this Chapel was a must see.

Santa Fe Loretto Chapel

The Lorreto Chapel is a significant part of the town squares’ history.

Loretto chapel

Santa Fe New Mexico Loretto Chapel

And this stair case is exquisite. No one could really explain what is supporting it and keeping it up.

Lorreto Chapel

I happend to go at a perfect time of day to capture this picture.

Santa Fe New Mexico

Then it was on to more shopping. On Saturdays, they open the streets to vendors, these were my most favorite pieces, Maybe because you actually got to buy it from the individuals that crafted them.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

And then more shopping,

Santa Few New Mexico

and more shopping.

Santa Fe New Mexico

 The food in Santa Fe was pretty amazing. Growing up in Arizona I was spoiled with amazing mexican food I just can’t find in Utah. however, the food in New Mexico came really close to the flavors of my childhood. Green Chile EVERYTHING!

We went to this little place called the Shake Foundation for lunch on one of the days. It had several awards for the best burger, which was a green chile burger of course. And it really may have been one of the best I have ever had my hands on.

Shake Foundation, Santa Fe New Mexico

Shake Foundation, Santa Fe New Mexico

We snapped some cute photos while we were waiting for our food.

Shake Foundation, Santa Fe New Mexico

Then it was on to more shopping!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I was trying to figure out how I could get some of these amazing things home in my carry on luggage. I loved the bright colors on all these pots. I really was tempted, but I settled for a really cute butter dish instead, it was much smaller.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yard art was everywhere! I loved it all…. but once again, no way to get it home. And really no place to put it once I did get home.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Flying Pigs!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I mean, come on… don’t you wish you had a few of these sitting out in your yard, waiting for you to come home everyday? Or maybe my whimsical personality makes me appreciate them so much more.

As you can see, Santa Fe is full of charm!

The Road to Santa Fe, New Mexico

If there is one thing that I could spend all my time doing it would be traveling. I love to see new places, try new foods, relax and experience new things. There is just something special to me about being in a place I am unfamiliar with. My cousin had an internship in Santa Fe this summer, so it only seemed right that we go visit her for at least a weekend. My sister and I flew into Albuquerque and hit the road to Santa Fe.

We found it fitting that we got a rental car from Oklahoma, since my cousin is from there. I always make my sister be my chaurffeur. We decided to drive the more scenic route and head down the old turquoise trail.  It was the perfect start to our weekend!  After about 30 minutes driving into nomads land  you come up on this tiny town of Madrid!  Make sure you stop. Its adorable. Full of antiques, cafes and yard art. The shops all have one of a kind turquoise jewelry that is so fun to look at as well.

Turquoise Trail shopping

Such Darling Mailboxes!

Turquoise Trail shopping

The cafes were decorated from top to bottom. I have never really been one to buy antiques, but I sure wanted everything in this town. It may have changed my mind.

Turquoise Trail shopping

Turquoise Trail shopping

This fountain was my favorite! I really think I would have bought it had I not had to fly home.

Turquoise Trail shopping Turquoise Trail shopping Turquoise Trail shopping

I need to find myself some green glass.

Turquoise Trail shopping

how fun is this little collection of old hot wheels?

Turquoise Trail shopping

I would have loved to have seen thins “golf cart” in working condition. I thought it was so cute!

Santa Fe Arrow Head

I loved the bead work on the arrowhead. It reminded me of my days growing up in Globe Arizona. We had very similar things near the reservations by our town.

 Turquoise Trail shopping

Each little shop has a collection of hand made items by different jewelry artists. I also love turquoise, so it was very hard for me to not want to buy everything.

Turquoise trail shopping

Then we started to head out of town and passed this little Photo Park… We had to stop! my sister said she loved this Photo Park so much that she hopes she can have one just like it at her wedding  reception some day. :)

 Turquoise Trail photo park


 Turquoise Trail shopping

It is pretty fun. “Connie”, the artist and owner of the park is there to help you take pictures as well.  It was a fun little detour.

Turquoise Trail photo park

This was my favorite! On the weekends the Photo Park has a collection of costumes you can use as well. Which we also super cute.

So in short, go a few extra miles out of your way and head down the turquoise trail!

How to sell your old stuff on Facebook Yard Sale groups

The easiest and fastest way I have found to sell junk around my house is on Facebook Yard sale groups. All you do is go on to Facebook and in the search field type in your city and “yard sale” I bet a few groups show up. If you can’t find anything that way, try Virtual Yard Sale, You can also search for clothing swaps, vintage items, baby products only… you name it. There are tons of groups to join. I look to see how active the groups are and how many members are in them. I try to find the ones with the most members to join. Obviously my items will be seen by more people in groups with more members.
I no longer buy shipments of items, so this is basically a way of selling things I don’t need anymore. I have sold workout equipment, movies, games, clothing, shoes, and housewares. I see a lot of furniture on there, I just haven’t had any big items like that to sell.
What I like about selling here is that the items usually sell really fast if it is going to sell. You do need to be active on Facebook when you post items for sale. Most people who comment want additional info right away. Because of that, I try and list all my items at the same time when I know I can watch for notifications to pop up on my phone that I have a message.
One more plus about this platform is that unlike on eBay, there is no shipping involved. Which often means a better deal for the buyer and the seller can often ask a little more. Plus the buyer doesn’t have to wait for transit time in the mail.
Get familiar with the group you just joined. It will help you to scroll through the group page to get an idea of what people are selling and the prices they are asking. It will help you get a sense of what you could get for an item. I try and just post my items at a fair price so I don’t have to negotiate. A person that is interested in your item will comment on the picture. If I just posted the item I usually write back and say “thanks for the offer, I just posted this and would like to get a little more for it that you offered. Let me wait a little to see if anyone is interested at the price I am asking. If not, I will message you.” I always tag their name in the post as well so it sends a notification to them that I responded as well. Sometimes they come back and offer more, other times they don’t.
Take good pictures of your items. The better the pictures, the more you are likely to get for your item. This is important for selling on any website.
Type in as much info in the description as you can. Include the brand, Price you are asking about cross roads for pick up. I try and meet people at a public location. There is a bank within walking distance from my house. That is my most favorite meeting location. I pick a spot in the wide open of the drive through window. And I also happen to know there are cameras there. So it makes me feel a little safer. The cool think about selling on Facebook over craigslist is you can also see if you have friends in common and other information they have made public. It just makes me feel a little more comfortable.
You can also join more than one yard sale group and cross post your item so even more eyes can see it. The better chances to sell it, right?
FCFS = First Come, First Serve (I always use this, if someone is willing to come now vs. someone waiting till pay day, pick the one that will come now)
For clothing items, I try and pull out a few things from my closet that are the same size and try to sell them together.
Once someone has committed to come and get your item write that it is pending pick up in your comments. If someone else really wants it they will write next. If your buyer happens to flake out on you or change their mind, you still have a backup. Once your item is sold and picked up make sure to take down the picture.
You can take a paypal payment, venom, or other forms of credit cards since it is so easy these days, but I stick to the rule of cash only. This is really up to you.
The time of day you post does matter. I try to post early on the weekends and just after work on the weekdays. If your group is huge, you can post at less busy times during the day, but I prefer to post when I have more eyes looking.
I hope you enjoy selling here as much as I do. I really to find it to be so quick and easy. If your items don’t sell here you can also try local classified or eBay.
Let me know if you have any other tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

How to sell your clothes on Poshmark

Selling on Poshmark is a little tricky at first. It is not going tot be the perfect selling platform for everyone. I have sold several things on here lately and just started to figure it all out. Now that I have a better following my items sell a lot faster when I list them and I am really starting to enjoy this marketplace.

If you are the type of person that loves name brand items, and loves to wear something new all the time… this will be perfect for you. You can buy something, use it and turn around and sell it again.

All of Poshmark is done on your phone so you have to download the app.

Decide what you want to sell… My closet if full of stuff I can clear out for all sorts of reasons, doesn’t fit, wrong season, never wore it…. You name it. The best part about Poshmark is it doesn’t cost you anything to list an item. (Just a 20% commission when it sells) Post all you want. I would make sure it is something that you can sell for $10 or more to make it worth your time. Most of my items are in the $20.00 range, however I have sold a watch for $155.

To list an item you open the app, click on the camera icon that says “sell” snap a few pictures (Pictures are worth a thousand words, make them good) Add a little description and you a good to go.

Poshmark is a social network. You’ll gain followers as you post more items and they like what they see. The more desirable or name brand items you list, the better off you will be. These followers will share your item with their followers. Obviously the more people that see your items the better! Users will also use be able to find your listing based off name brand and size.

Join Poshmark Parties and share your items there. If someone shares your item, its Posh etiquette to share an item or two from their closet as well.

People may ask you to bundle items…. when this happens, they are expecting a discount to buy multiple items from you. Most people offer 20%. I am happy to offer bundles and discounts to move items that I no longer need. Others are selling to maximize money or make a profit on the item, so they may not offer as great of a discount.

When an item is sold, you will get an email notification that includes a shipping label for your item. You just have to print it off and put it on a box. Poshmark will collect the funds from the buyer and also charge them the shipping. So whatever you have your item listed for, you will get 80% of. Poshmark will keep 20% and also charge your buyer 4.99 for shipping which they keep since they provide the shipping label.

Buying items is fun too…

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions – measurements, if it is from a smoke-free or Pet-free home if you are sensitive to that. You can also ask if there are stains or any other information you may want to know.

If you feel the item is priced to high, ask if that is their lowest price they are willing to go. Make sure to be fair with what you offer.

At the end of the day, remember that this is supposed to be fun!

I’ll sell everything I own at some point….

The truth is, I struggle with this blog so much because I really don’t know what to write about. And most of the time I am busy trying to figure out how to be an entrepreneur.   I now have a couple of little companies that sell products in stores nationwide and have learned a lot in the past few years. People ask me how to do it all the time, and truthfully, it’s not easy.  A perfect product, the perfect time and the perfect placement…. It is an uphill battle. But oh so fun and fulfilling at the same time.

Several people ask me how I got started. Well, it all goes back to the early days of eBay and online selling. It was basically an addiction. It’s all I did. I would get huge truckloads of items. Clothing, fine china, shoes, backpacks, you name it. Its basically how I survived college. I wish they had Instagram back in the day…the pictures of my living conditions would have been epic. I had piles of stuff in my room. It would just have a path to get to my bed and then jeans in piles wait high all around me. I would pay my sister to ship the items, she had to re-stack and fold them every day.  By the time I moved on to house wares and fine china I was basically swimming in bubble wrap and peanuts.  I prided myself in the fact that I could eat my dinner off miss matched Vera Wang plates with Wedgewood silverware on the nightly basis.

As time went on, the economy changed and bargains were easier to find, my margins became a little slimmer and getting a “real job” seemed more fitting.  While I was working full time my addition to online selling continued. I continued with eBay, moved on to Amazon, sell on facebook, local classifieds, and a few other platforms. I have learned a lot and several people ask how to do it. Since I don’t have time to teach everyone individually, I figured I could at least reference a few tips to help you out.

Time to clean out your closets and garage…. here we go!

2015 Goals

Its only February and I still have my Christmas garland up on my front porch steps so I figure it is not to late to be posting about my goals for this year.

I recently read a quote that said “Most people over estimate what they can do in one year, but under estimate what they can do in five years.” As I thought about that, and looked back on the big things I have accomplished, and can see how that holds very true. Watching a small business grow, graduating college, and a few other personal goals, over time great things really can be accomplished.  The cool thing is that by setting little goals nothing should seem that daunting.  For me, As I continue down the path of entrepreneurship, I have all sorts of little business goals. It seems that the more buyers, stores and professionals I meet, they all have little bits of advise to incorporate in my master plan, so its always evolving.  But that is goal Number 1 for this year.  I won’t bore you with all the details. But just know that great things are in store for this area of my life.

In addition to my big business goals that will take up the majority of my time, I did set some more fun and frivolous goals. They are important too!

1) Take an international trip this year – its in the works! I don’t want to spoil the surprise  of where for you just yet.

2) Wear more lipstick – I need to get to Walgreens to buy some ASAP

3)  Photography – Finally learn how to use my “fancy” camera.

4) Volunteer – I am still looking for the right cause to give some extra hours too. But I do feel like giving my time will make me happier. I don’t have a ton of time to give.. but hopefully I can give enough to make it worthwhile to me and the cause I choose.  ( I am leaning towards make-a-wish)

5) Document my life story – Both online and offline. And seriously, I realize that I may be the only one that ever looks at my blog.

6)  Get rid of my excess stuff – I figure I could shed about 25% of my belonging and not even notice. I have already started on some areas in my house.  I need to tackle my closet and garage.

There you have it… they are posted – I am committed.  Hold me to them. :)





Have you forgotten about me yet?

This time every year I get an email reminder that I need to pay my renewal fees to keep my blog hosted and domain name. This year, I almost gave it up. I haven’t blogged on an ongoing basis, like ever, so why should I keep paying for it? Seemed logical, right? But a little part of me really really does want to document my life, and guess what, that little part of me gave in and won. I paid for one more year.. so, with a renewed hope to actually write my life story down. So stay tuned…..

Stadium of Fire – 2014

At this point, I don’t know what my July 4th would be like without the Stadium of Fire. I anxiously await for them to announce the performer, count down the days to the tickets being released and find it exciting year after year! This year it was Carrie Underwood. I love her. Always have and always will. I remember voting for her when she was on American Idol. And even though I have seen her perform a few times now, I will never get tired of her. She ended her performance with her version of “How Great Thou Art”  I tear up every time I hear it.


Stadium of Fire wouldn’t be the same with out having Biz in town!


Yes, I would take her legs any given day!


Biz Loved the fiddler! I will have to admit.. he is pretty dang good!


And As always, after all the performances the night ends with the most amazing fireworks show. In fact, the largest stadium fireworks show in the nation. Its always impressive!

20140704_221909 20140704_222002