I have lived in Utah for over 15 years now and for sure call this often snowy winter wonderland my home. However, as an Arizona native, my heart really starts to yearn for warmth and sunshine this time of year. I also still get giddy over cacti. They truly remind me of home. I was scrolling through Pinterest as I so often do.. and these babies popped up.       I seriously thought about these shoes for 3 days. I figure if something is on your mind for that long… just go ahead, splurge and order them. Right?? (Just say yes, because I did) I did think about all the outfits that I own that will absolutely not match these shoes and how unpractical owning them would be. And then I thought about the one outfit I own that does match, a basic solid black dress and decided that was all I needed! Haha. I can’t wait for the mailman to bring them to my door. Arizona… you always win in February!Continue Reading
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
How are we already one month into the new year? Time is seriously flying by. I am a chronic list and note maker and was sitting here in my bed, late at night, making more lists of things to do. I started looking back at the past lists and “to do’s” I hadn’t completed yet. Guess which “to do’s” are on there the most frequently and never done. If you guessed working out, you are correct. And the number 2 undone task on my list; restart my blog. Why these two things are so important to me that I continually mentally commit to doing them but yet still neglected them; I may never understand. But here I am, trying yet again, another attempt to document my life on this here blog. I have been reading a book; Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  by Elizabeth Gilbert. And while I did not agree with every point that she makes; I did find a few inspiring gems to help me seek after fulfilling my creative side. ThereContinue Reading


Am I the only person with this problem? I didn’t realize my little project to enjoy life a little more for the next year would come with some unexpected realizations and a few feelings of guilt. I never would have thought that I would feel guilty spending my own money on myself. After all, this year long experiment of adventures was supposed to be 100% fun. After I paid for my little trip to Palm Springs; I was excited! In fact, I was excited to spend everything I set aside in my fund for the next year, then reality sat in. I really felt guilty for spending my own hard earned money on me. What in the world?? How is this even possible? I am blaming this on my responsible habits. I find it so funny how one can get caught up in routine. Thinking that this is the only way life can possibly be. My routine of habitual saving is getting in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I still think saving andContinue Reading
Despite that fact that my Christmas tree is still up, I have caught the spring cleaning bug this year. This past weekend I pulled everything out of my closet and started the daunting task of reorganizing and cleaning out all of the junk that at some point I told myself I HAD TO HAVE! Amongst the junk and piles of lost dirty laundry, I keep my old scrapbooks as well. I stopped to take a trip down memory lane and came across some old worksheets and assignments that I completed in elementary school and Jr High. (Along with all my brace faced photos.) It was one of those afternoons full of self reflection moments. Looking back on all the photos and memories is a harsh realization that Im not so young anymore and more importantly the “about me” worksheets I once wrote made me cringe. There were so many dreams of what I wanted to grow up to be and things I wanted in the future for myself. I kept wondering if the JrContinue Reading
A few times a year I end up all over the country at trade shows promoting my company and products. One of the biggest shows we attend is Expo East in Baltimore. This was my 6th year in a row attending this show. I love so many things about this show. I have made so many fun friends I see once or twice a year, get to sample a million new products, and explore a little of Baltimore. This show is HUGE and has thousands of booths and over 40,000 retailers come to check out our products.  I thought I would share my favorite top ten natural products I sampled at the show. Obviously my products are always my favorite, but I guess I will omit them and put the spotlight on a few others. Im not perfect at buying and using natural products all the time, but I do believe in them. I do think there are fantastic natural alternatives for almost every product need out there. Sometimes, you just need to beContinue Reading