Am I the only person with this problem? I didn’t realize my little project to enjoy life a little more for the next year would come with some unexpected realizations and a few feelings of guilt. I never would have thought that I would feel guilty spending my own money on myself. After all, this year long experiment of adventures was supposed to be 100% fun. After I paid for my little trip to Palm Springs; I was excited! In fact, I was excited to spend everything I set aside in my fund for the next year, then reality sat in. I really felt guilty for spending my own hard earned money on me. What in the world?? How is this even possible? I am blaming this on my responsible habits. I find it so funny how one can get caught up in routine. Thinking that this is the only way life can possibly be. My routine of habitual saving is getting in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I still think saving andContinue Reading
Despite that fact that my Christmas tree is still up, I have caught the spring cleaning bug this year. This past weekend I pulled everything out of my closet and started the daunting task of reorganizing and cleaning out all of the junk that at some point I told myself I HAD TO HAVE! Amongst the junk and piles of lost dirty laundry, I keep my old scrapbooks as well. I stopped to take a trip down memory lane and came across some old worksheets and assignments that I completed in elementary school and Jr High. (Along with all my brace faced photos.) It was one of those afternoons full of self reflection moments. Looking back on all the photos and memories is a harsh realization that Im not so young anymore and more importantly the “about me” worksheets I once wrote made me cringe. There were so many dreams of what I wanted to grow up to be and things I wanted in the future for myself. I kept wondering if the JrContinue Reading
A few times a year I end up all over the country at trade shows promoting my company and products. One of the biggest shows we attend is Expo East in Baltimore. This was my 6th year in a row attending this show. I love so many things about this show. I have made so many fun friends I see once or twice a year, get to sample a million new products, and explore a little of Baltimore. This show is HUGE and has thousands of booths and over 40,000 retailers come to check out our products.  I thought I would share my favorite top ten natural products I sampled at the show. Obviously my products are always my favorite, but I guess I will omit them and put the spotlight on a few others. Im not perfect at buying and using natural products all the time, but I do believe in them. I do think there are fantastic natural alternatives for almost every product need out there. Sometimes, you just need to beContinue Reading
  When I originally started writing this post I was going to stop at 30 things. I took a couple days to take mental notes of “things” that brought a smile to my face. I realized the more I thought about the things that made me happy, I was happier. So I continued on all the way to 99. And obviously there could be a million more.  I like how these 99 things give a better perspective of who I am.   My Family and Friends – really there is nothing better than them. The changing seasons. I love the changes in the environment around me, I really live in one of the most beautiful states ever. I am lucky enough to have all four seasons and love all the changes each one brings. The first snowfall, the leaves on fire, blossoms bursting on a tree and the green mountains in the summer. Glitter, and anything with glitter on it. This may make me seem like a teenager, but I love all things thatContinue Reading

September Goals

We are well under our way with September, this month has been off to an awesome start. Crazy busy and crazy fun. I thought I would post my September Goals even thought it’s not exactly the first of the month anymore. I like accountability. 1) Sell every pair of jeans I own that no longer fit me and have just been sitting around. eBay, here I come!! 2) Join Orange Theory Fitness – I love bootcamp style workouts 3) Golf in the Fall leaves – I have been wanting to golf at Hobble Creek in the leaves for years. This year is my year! 4) Finally get my wood floors – This has been in the works for 10 years. Making any change in my house seems to take more time and work than I would have ever though. I finally found the perfect color wood and Im all set to go. 5) Create a Pumpkin boards on Pinterest and actually cook 4 of the recipes I pin. Im a Pinterest addict. 6) 200Continue Reading