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Production Run!

Its in my blood! I really can’t help it. I move from one business idea to the next. I just got some production pictures of my next project I am working on since I can’t be there in person to watch.  Its one step closer to a final product! All this wood is bamboo! Be excited!

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2014 – Watts Family Photos

So when you are the only family member that lives out of state make sure you clarify what “bring something blue” means. In my mind, blue is more dark, hence the shirt I chose to bring with me and not the sea blue everyone else chose to wear.



DCP_229a 5x7




I look more and more like my mom every time we take a family photo.


Papa Jim


Hi Mom and Dad!

DCP_301a  16x20

And… the whole family!

So do love each and everyone of them!



Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts

I spent way to much time today looking for Valentine’s Day gifts. I happen to love celebrating Valentine’s Day! Even as a single girl. I think it is fun to celebrate the ones you love especially in the middle of winter! We all need a little extra warmth and love!

Here are the ideas that I came up with this year!

For the young ones… I went with some of my favorite books from when I was a kid! Little Critters just happened to be my all time favorite!

Little Critters


For my sister I found this priceless little gem! “Grow a Boyfriend



And for all the other people I love… I made these. I found some rather inexpensive heart necklaces and these cute little glass message bottles , added some twine and they turned out so cute!



I am so excited to get these in the mail! I have been purchasing vintage cards from eBay and just waiting for them to arrive!




Taylor Swift

I really enjoy a good, fun, clean concert… and seriously, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how fun of a show Taylor Swift put on in Salt Lake City.  Its amazing that she writes, plays and sings her own songs. Its a pretty amazing talent. I know all her songs are about her emotions, past boyfriends and such, which lots of people joke about… but deep down inside, you have to admit that a lot of times her lyrics are spot on to reality.

Taylor Swift RED tour

Taylor did do a lot of talking between her songs and was super interactive with her entire audience from the front row to the top row. Her stage set was pretty amazing as well.

Taylor Swift Red Tour

This song is the moment I realized I was old. When the entire crowd was signing about being 22 at the top of their lungs… the reality of 32 being right around the corner set in and put me with the older crowd at the concert. Oh Joy! I still feel about 24 on the inside though. Thats what counts right?

Taylor Swift RED tour

Check out her stage… pretty cool, huh!

Taylor Swift RED tour

Her stage really did make the show. It was pretty impressive.  I will admit that I can sing along to almost all of her songs… probably because they are played on the radio so much, which makes a concert so much more fun. My favorite Taylor song has to be “Mean” I really like the reminder that you really don’t have to be so mean. (Especially the fact that all of these high school girls love and adore her and hopefully they will listen to Taylor tell them to be nice.) Anyway, it was such a fun night to be a part of!

For the Love of Washi Tape

I was given a 3 pack of Washi tape as a cute little thank you gift a couple of months ago and since that day, I have become completely addicted to washi tape. I am convinced that the would would be a better place if everyone had a roll or two. Pretty much everything I make or own now has a little flare of washi tape. Gift wrapping and tags are me personal favorite thing to use washi tape on. I just made these cute owl tags for a friends birthday. She loves owls… I love washi tape…. we are both delighted!

They are super simple to make…

Washi Tape Tags


I picked up these pre cut blank tags and owl brads at Hobby Lobby, that happened to both be 50% off, which is always a good surprise.

Washi Tape Tags


Just added three rows of tape at the bottom of the tag, with three different varieties of wash tape. Poked the owl brad through up at the top and we were done!

Washi Tape Tags


See how cute and simple it is.

Washi Tape tags


I also found this owl ribbon at Hobby Lobby… could not have asked for a better match.

I love how simple it is to make this gift just a little more personable and special for the person I am giving it too.

Now, be honest, I can’t be the only one addicted to wash tape… how many rolls do you own?

Memorial Day 2013

 I think that I have been MIA for long enough on my little ol’ blog…. so what have I been up to you ask?? For starters, there was Memorial Day Weekend. I was lucky enough to have my sister up for the weekend. We stopped by to visit so family members at the cemetery in Salt Lake and deliver some flowers.

Memorial Day Salt Lake City

We also went to the Red Butte Cafe on our way home in honor of our Grandma. We use to frequent there with her.

Memorial Day Salt Lake City Memorial Day Salt Lake City

I still find it hard to believe that my Grandpa was born in the 1800′s

Memorial Day Salt Lake City Memorial Day Salt Lake City

My sister taking some time to stop and smell the flowers. :)


Memorial Day Salt Lake City Memorial Day Salt Lake City Memorial Day Salt Lake City

Memorial Day Salt Lake City

I find the views from here to be so peaceful and beautiful. And I am so grateful that families are forever!


St. George Parade of Homes

During the summer in Utah County we have our own parade of homes, I have loved going to that for the past three years. Its a blast. I happen to think it is so fun that this year I decided to venture down south 3 hours to the parade in St. George. It was a perfect weather weekend and nice to be somewhere sunny and warm. As a bonus my sister drove up from Arizona to hang out with us. It was such a fun weekend. I fell in love with the red rock landscape down there and found my dream home nestled in the red rocks. O my goodness, it was amazing! A girl can dream, right?

St. George Parade of Homes


The parade happened to fall on President’s day weekend. So it was crazy busy down there. It seemed that there were a million sports tournaments being played that weekend as well. Despite my best efforts to find a fancy hotel the Super 8 was seriously the ONLY thing I could find. I know.. its not typical Emmie fashion. However, I will say this. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Because I wasn’t sure what to expect of the hotel and I was traveling with people I thought of the brilliant idea to bring this little item along. Guess what, from now on I will always be bringing some sort of air freshener with me. Why hadn’t I thought of this before.  Seriously, if you want a million dollar business idea, bottle these in travel size and figure out a way to sell them in the travel sections of every store. :)


St. George Parade of Homes


St. George Parade of Homes


This is a home that my roommate helped to decorate. Which was another reason to make the trip. It was so fun to get to see her work.

St. George Parade of Homes

Here is the home I fell in love with… you probably just did too. Can’t you just imagine how fun it would be to live here!

St. George Parade of Homes

There were so many people touring the homes. All of them were just as crowded as this one. The entire day! Just imagine the view out of that giant glass window!

St. George Parade of Homes

I think I could sit in this pool all day looking out at the scenery. I really don’t think that it could get old.

St. George Parade of Homes

Does anyone know what time it is? Oh, and can I have this clock? I love it.

St. George Parade of Homes

Here we are!

St. George Parade of Homes

On Sunday we made a stop at the prettiest house of all. I love to see the temple. I can’t get over how white the outside of the St. George temple really is. It seriously seems like it is glowing.

It was such a fun weekend. I am so looking forward to my next adventure to St. George.

A Cowboy Baby Shower

I am pretty sure that I would need more than two hands to count all my friends who are expecting right now. Not only that it seems they are all expecting BOYS! One of my long time friends and co workers is expecting and I ended up giving her a cowboy themed baby shower complete with bbq chicken sandwiches and amazing homemade pies. It was so so fun! I can’t figure out for the life of me why I didn’t take any more pictures so you will just have to imagine what the amazing food table looked like. I also came up with my own version of Baby pictionary. Its worth a good laugh or two, and I am probably being biased, but I think it should be played at every baby shower. There isn’t to many baby shower games that I enjoy playing. It was such a great time and I really enjoyed spending my afternoon with these ladies!


I made this banner and another one to match that said “new sheriff in town.”  Have I ever told you how much I love paper crafting and I really love when I have an excuse to spend hours and hours crafting things like this!


Congrats again Brooke! I couldn’t be more happy for you and Tyler to start your cute little family!

Homemade Valentine Candy Skewers

I decided to make my own Valentines this year. Winco has the best bulk candy section I have ever seen! I spent about 30 minutes picking out all the red and pink gummies I could find to make these super cute skewers!







They are super easy to make and turned out so cute. You could always dig out all the green colored gummies for St. Patrick’s day, or bright colors for a Birthday or something. The best part about buying the candy from Winco you only have to buy the amount you need! I am sure this won’t be the last time I make them… I would rather do this than frost sugar cookies any day!


February came and went…. Good thing I took a couple pictures to remember it since I didn’t get much blogging in.

I actually got around to decorating which always makes me happy!



Here is the “Love” Tree



The red hearts were a new addition this year. They are my new favorite!